Nose rinse Rhino Clear

Nose rinse Rhino Clear


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Rhino Clear - nasal rinse for home use. Please refer to the instruction manual of the flusher before using the product.

This device will suit all people who are sometimes tormented by a runny nose. The device should be connected to a compressor inhaler, such as a "climb" or "ladybug".

Operating principle and recommendations for use:

The nasal rinse is intended for inhalation of homemade saline, industrial sea or ocean water, saline. Saline reduces nasal edema, thus facilitating breathing. The nasal flusher has three nozzles for different sized noses. The device generates an aerosol that is blown into the nose, which flows out of the collection chamber. The device can be used with a compression inhaler.

Types of illness for which a nasal flush may be used:

      The nasal rinse is used for fast and effective treatment of acute and chronic colds
      In young children, rinsing the nose will reduce the risk of otitis media


Technical Specifications and Advantages:

       Model: Rhino Clear
       Spray chamber size: 10 ml
       Spray rate: 10 ml in ~ 2 minutes (1 ml in ~ 12 s)
       Particle size:> 10 microns: 95-96%
       Compliance with standards: Medical device according to EEC 93/42


The set includes:

 3 nose tips made of soft, anti-allergic material. Children up to 3 years, children 3-10 years and 10 years

Warranty: 2 years

Manufacturer: Flaem (Italy)