MED2000 Mister R nebulizer

MED2000 Mister R nebulizer

Code: MEDO1189

Vendor: Med2000


: Italy



Regular Price: 49.80 €

With different stickers for decorating the inhaler.

Inhaler with reciprocating compressor for solution use

With a maximum flow rate of 15 l / min.

Spraying the drug> 0.25ml / min.

Sound level ~ 60dB (50cm away)

dimensions 170 x 150 x h 120 mm

Weight 1500gr

Operating time - 30 min. ON / 30 min OFF

Equipped for use by adults and children

Made in Italy

Particles 5-10 microns in diameter are usually deposited in the oral cavity, throat tip and larynx (piston A)

3-5 mm in trachea and bronchi (piston - B)

1-3 microns - in the branches and alveoli (piston - C).