MEGANEB Norditalia nebulizer

MEGANEB Norditalia nebulizer

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Norditalia Meganeb inhalers

Can be used horizontally - this distinctive feature and one of the main benefits of Meganeb. In the past, compressor inhalers could only be used for sitting, with certain restrictions: It is difficult to put the patient to bed and it is difficult for the child to hold upright at all with inhalation. Meganeb also solved the problem.

The inhaler Norditalia Meganeb was created by the best 21st century spray therapists. The secret lies in the piston compressor. Unlike a conventional compressor, it does not require continuous monitoring, temperature monitoring. It does not overheat, it is designed for heavy loads.
Meganeb is a new generation inhaler. The classic outer shell offers many new features. A professional inhaler is very effective if you are treating chronic or respiratory illnesses in the respiratory tract. He fights well with intensive use and continuous work.

The particle size capable of producing this device is from - 3.41 to 7.55 microns, which means that the lonely therapeutic aerosol can well reach the desired departmental respiratory system. To achieve this effect, it is possible to design an inhaler.

You choose the respiratory unit you want to work with.

Open the lid. In this mode, the sprayed drug particles will have the highest velocity and no other compressor inhaler can achieve this speed. Closed lid. In this mode, the spray spray is the lowest.

Another positive, and in some cases indispensable, moment is that the inhaler has a Neboplus nebuliser. The ampoule has a very big advantage over any other nebulizer: it allows vertical and horizontal inhalation. This feature may be necessary if you need to inhale a young child and keep it upright or difficult at all times. If patients in beds need to use a nebulizer, this inhaler will once again be irreplaceable.
The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty on the device. This makes us believe in quality and reliability.