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Description for Compressor inhaler Norditalia Arianne Power (Italy)

The Ampula aerosol is designed to operate in a horizontal position, the only nebulizer that allows not only inhalation in a sitting position, but also sleep. This is very convenient when inhaling a young child who has difficulty sitting or suffering from prolonged exposure. You can pour up to 8 ml into the container. preparation.

The rest is not more than 0.5 ml. The ampoule is manufactured in accordance with medical standards. This guarantees quality. The material used in production is non-toxic and its components are biocompatible.

Norditalia Arianne Power is a new compressor sprayer manufactured in Italy. The device has a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system through efficient dispersion aerosol spraying. Innovative compressor that allows continuous operation and operating pressure for rapid drug dispersion.

Norditalia Sprayer Camera can operate in two modes, creating optimum particle size for the upper and lower respiratory tract. It provides maximum therapeutic effect in a short time. Compressor Sprayer Norditalia is characterized by its compact size and stylish design. The comfortable handle and impact resistant housing make Norditalia inhaler easy and reliable to use. A special feature of the Arianne Power model is the special availability of an accessory storage compartment, where all parts can be easily removed after the procedure.

An innovative compressor with a high-efficiency inhaler, Norditalia is capable of continuous operation, allowing it to be used not only at home but also in medical facilities. At the same time, the Italian manufacturer took care of the low noise level of the inhaler - only 35 dB at 1 meter! During inhalation therapy, your child is no longer afraid of noisy devices.

Buy Inhaler Norditalia - Guarantee the Health of the Whole Family! A wide range of Italian sprays makes it possible to treat and prevent both adults and children.

Norditalia Nebulizer Compressor - Advantages:
-folding system
- The dispersed aerosol particle size (3.5-5 μm) allows maximum effect on the inflamed organs of the nose and itch.
- Active drug consumption.
- Includes masks and cannulas for adults and children.
-Aerosol association rate (0.22-0.37 ml per minute) allows changing the duration of the procedure (up to 20 minutes). -Compressor operation is possible in "continuous" mode.
-One low noise! Italian specialists installed a compressor that produces minimal noise.
-Ergonomic design and comfortable handle.
-Easy to care for.
- Italian manufacturer's quality certificate.

 Features of Norditalia Drop Specifications:
Working pressure: 0.8 bar
Flow rate: 14 l / min
Working hours: continuous
Open spray rate: 0.37 ml / min
- spray rate with valve closed: 0.22 ml / min
Particle size / MMAD: 3.5-5 μm
- Volume of medicinal product: 8 ml
minimum remnant: 0.5 ml
- Noise level at 1 m: 35 dB
- Dimensions 155 x 133 x 120 mm.
Weight: 1.8 kg
-Guarantee: 3 years

Package Contents -Arianne Power:
Nebulizer (compressor unit)
- mold chamber (2 operating modes)
-Mask for kids
-Mask for adults
- Oral cavity in children
-Nasal cannula for children and adults
-Air (connecting) pipe
- Evaporative filter
-User Guide
- Warranty card
Made in (country): Norditalia Group S.r.l., - Italy

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