Kyara LT130 nebulizer PROF.

Kyara LT130 nebulizer PROF.

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: Italy



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The inhaler converts the drug into an aerosol with microscopic particles that are easy to inhale. This allows most of the drug to enter the airways and alveoli where it is needed. It contributes to the rapid and effective treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases. It is recommended to use the inhaler for the following diseases: bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, purulent pulmonary disease, laryngeal edema, other laryngeal trachea, bronchial inflammatory disease, symptomatic treatment of dry cough.
Compressor, medicine container, tube, nose cap, mouthpiece, child mask, adult mask, air filters
It can be used in a clinic
- Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
- Maximum power absorbed by: 184VA
- Max pressure: 2,5 bar
- Working pressure: 0-1.3 bar
- Max flow of air: 16 l / min
- Operating flow: 5.2 l / min
- Noise level: 57dBA
- MMAD: 3.5 µm
Dimensions: L: 25xW: 19xH: 16 cm
Weight: 2.2kg