HI-NEB Norditalia nebulizer

HI-NEB Norditalia nebulizer

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: Italy



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Attractive design for children with stickers that can be placed on the device. The Hi Neb Inhaler Sprayer is ideal for toddlers as well as infants. The apparatus is equipped with innovative aerotherapy piston compressor with high performance and non-stop operation. High pressure provides fast sample time dispersion and particle size from the therapeutically effective is 5 microns and through the 2 speed Neboplus Ampul.

Compact size for easy transport and storage. Handle, cable winder, ampoule body and replacement filter. Modern design plastic body with nonstick coating.

Technical specifications:
- pressure: 0,8 bar
- Operating mode: continuous
- Spray with lid open *: 0.37 mL / min
- Spray rate with lid closed *: 0.22 ml / min
- MMAD: 5 µm
- Уровень шума на расстоянии 1 м: 35 дБА
- Напряжение: 230 В 50 Гц
- Гарантия: 2 года В

комплект входят:
- Детская маска (подходит для младенцев)
- Маска для взрослых
- Загубник - Револьверы
- Шланг для воздуха
- Резервуар из фольги
- Воздушные фильтры
Сделано в ( страна): Norditalia Group Srl, - Италия